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How could my high blood pressure lead to a stroke?

Our hectic present-day routine has turned hypertension or high blood pressure into the most commonly experienced health issue. Most of the people don’t even consider high blood pressure to be a serious health issue but in fact it is a silent killer. Ultimately revealing its severity in the form of attack to the brain, hypertension can secretly damage your body through hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke. Stroke occurring as a result of high blood pressure can prove fatal as it damages the cells and blood vessels of the brain. If not detected on time, high blood pressure can also damage the human arteries finally resulting in heart failure.

How can I prevent stroke?                                                  

If you want to lower down the chances of a stroke; then losing weight, exercising regularly, eating moderately and quitting smoke are some of the measures that will save you from this fatal blow. Apart from living a healthy life, keeping track of your hypertension level is also an effective way to prevent the stroke. If you are above the age of 18 and feel severe headache, irregularity in your heartbeat, eye sight issues, severe fatigue or/and chest pain then you must immediately go for medical help. Physicians strongly recommend the people with high blood pressure or over the age of 40 to undergo cardiac screening tests on annual basis so the chances for their stroke can be minimized.

From where can I get a cardiac screening test?

Healthy Heart Imaging is the only place from where you can get a detailed and advanced cardiac screening test at an amazingly low package price. Our cardiac screening package is not only affordable but it is also quite comprehensive. Containing carotid artery ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, ABI for peripheral artery disease and diabetics along with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, this package is completely loaded with all the amenities to help you win a war against the after effects of high blood pressure. You can visit and get more details about this cardiac screening package.

If you have hypertension then here is no need for you to suffer in silence! Just get the screening test and enjoy a healthy life.




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